I am a twenty-something thirty-something southern California native and general enthusiast of most things. I can typically be found traveling, eating something crazy, getting way too drunk, or sitting around reading or watching Netflix. Basically anything that doesn’t involve updating this blog. Nevetheless, I have some compulsion to write down my thoughts in this space, however infrequent.

I use this site to discuss my current obsessions, what’s inspiring me, and what’s pissing me off. Usually I can be found rambling about music, film, and literature, but there are some personal anecdotes every now and then. There will not be any talk of professional athletics save for one giant exception; as much as I loathe most organized sports, I absolutely love hockey and, specifically, the [ed: 2012 Stanley Cup Champion] Los Angeles Kings.

I can also be found here:

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Tumblr (random): Awake on a Train
Tumblr (music): Ascending Melody

I can be contacted via the above services, by commenting on this site, or through email: john [at] icebergprinciple [dot] com.

-John Patrick Penny